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Tradewinds Fantasy of Lights Family Bike Ride, Walk/Run, and Drive this Holiday Season

The Tradewinds Fantasy of Lights is a family tradition. I love the idea of making hot chocolate, piling everyone into the car, putting the Christmas Music on the radio to go see the lights. But it rarely happens that way for us. One kid always melts down, or falls asleep, or complains that they can’t see the lights from their car seat. So to be honest, we go every year, but it doesn’t always feel worth it.

And let me tell you now, skip the 3D glasses. 3D glasses and driving DO NOT MIX.

This year, however, we made a last minute decision to join the Fantasy of Light 5k walk, which is held the weekend before the drive-thru officially opens. The run was sold out in advance but there were still tickets to purchase the day of, for the walk. Yay!

Starting Line for Fantasy of Lights 5k

Starting Line for Fantasy of Lights 5k

Tradewinds had a really great buzz that night with a funky live band, refreshments, and a complete meal that was included with the race tickets. Our girls at Evolution Fitness and Mom’s On A Mission did a pre-run warm-up. The event was from 6pm-10pm and stayed pretty lively when we were leaving around 8:45 pm. Getting tickets the night of only cost me $20 (kids under 12 are free), which did not include the race shirt or meal. We still got bottles of water and there were some media trucks and other vendors giving out freebies too!

With the drive-thru being $14 a car plus the optional cost of 3D glasses, the walk/run is totally worth the little extra money for all the add-ons. On the Sunday after, they have a bike-thru which is only $8 a person. If I had a bike and my kids were old enough to ride one, we would totally be going to THAT event!

The best part of the walk was that there was plenty of time for photo-ops! Our kids loved getting our of the stroller, looking at the details of the lights, and being able to participate in a 5k.

Running around to see all the lights!

Running around to see all the lights!

Something we will do differently next year – get a little more festive and decorate the stroller with LED Christmas Lights and glow bracelets. I might even get my husband to wear a reindeer hat…although that would take a lot of convincing! It’s always my opinion that getting into the spirit of things makes it that much more fun!

In the meantime, the Festival of Lights opens on November 21- January and open daily at 6pm to the drive-thru. Make some hot chocolate and pretend it is a winter wonderland!

Happy Holidays South Florida!

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