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About Hunting for Rubies

This is Hunting for Rubies, a quest to find the hidden gems in family travel adventure.

Well, hello there! Welcome to Hunting for Rubies.

My name is Casey. I am a stay-at-home Mom to three young and vibrant children (Ruby, Hunter, and Logan). I have a passion for exploring. I am not so much a daredevil –hang gliding, jumping out of airplanes– type of person. Not that I would count that stuff out, but I am more like the “Oh, I wonder what that is? Let’s go find out!” type.

I love music, travel, exploring new places, planning and then leaving all caution to the wind, to turn around and tell everyone what we found out. I love connecting people and places and things (and I clearly love nouns). I also like change!

I have worn a lot of hats in my life, like working in Alaska one summer in Denali National Park, working at one of Hollywood’s oldest movie studios, and then planning weddings and events for a boutique hotel and restaurant in Coastal Maine. Being a Mom has been my most challenging job yet, but it also has been the most fun.

Fun Facts!

I have driven across country 3 times (in one Summer) and have been to 47 of the 50 States! I have never traveled to the Southern Hemisphere and that needs to change, ASAP! I have been to Burning Man twice. Montana is my favorite state, besides Alaska. It was love at first sight between me and my husband (even if it took a while to finally get together). Our eldest children are 10 months and 1 week apart, and the same age for 7 weeks every summer. We love Disney World so much that my husband even has a Mickey Mouse Tattoo on his leg (#hiddenmickey). Our home base is Florida, for now…..

I hope Hunting for Rubies is a place that inspires families to travel with their children with ease and safety. That we bring some of the quirky things that gets our hearts beating on your radar. And, most importantly, that we help you make memorable experiences with your family.

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