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The Florida Renaissance Festival – With and Without Kids

Florida Renaissance Festival

Two years ago I popped my Ren-Fest cherry. Okay, that is a “wildly inappropriate” thing to say, considering I took my small children with me. While I found the Florida Renaissance Festival completely family friendly and we all had an absolute fantastic time, I was eager to return with my only my husband and some close friends to join in on the Pub Crawl and take advantage of that adult time thing I am also talking about and never taking. Who knew the Florida Renaissance Festival was a great choice for a date?

The Pub Crawl

Let me first say, we did NOT actually make it on the Pub Crawl. We arrived a smidge late to join the first round, and in the meantime decided to grab a drink on our own. At that point, one drink turned into two and we kind of out priced ourselves out to make the Pub Crawl worth while. It turns out that Pub Crawl at the Florida Renaissance Festival is a great deal. Giving you 5 beers for $25 verses spending anywhere from $30-50 on the same number, depending on the size.

Pub Crawlers having a great time at the Florida Renaissance Festival.

They look like they are having a good ole’ time. Picture by Ryan Roy.

The Pub Crawl also comes with a built-in tour guide and entertainer. I assume fun friends will be made, too. Obviously, the Pub Crawl and the sampling  of adult beverages is not something you would be focusing on when you attend with your family, so I leave this in the “Without Kids” category.

The Pub Crawl leaves from the front desk at 1pm and 3:30pm. You purchase your tickets at the front ticket booth when you buy your admission tickets.

Hidden Gem: To get a discount on the admission price, see here. And of course, without needing to be said, drinking 5 beers in a short period of time will get the average person pretty hammered, so make sure you arrange for a responsible and sober driver for the way home.

Florida Renaissance Festival

The Wildly Inappropriate Poet. One of the many acts at the Florida Renaissance Festival. Photo by Ryan Roy.

The Entertainment

As soon as we arrived at the Florida Renaissance Festival we ran into a handsome bloke who was promoting his “Wildly Inappropriate Poetry” show. We grabbed our drinks and headed to Great Hall Tent towards the back of the festival. Boy, was this show inappropriate for children and hilarious. If your funny bone is not tickled by crude jokes about sex and the human body – this show is not for you. If it is, I recommend seeing his show later in the day, as it is a longer show.

We didn’t catch anymore of the entertainment, I have the hunch there are quite a few acts geared towards adults-only entertainment. Find the schedule for both family friendly and unfriendly acts, here.

Treasure Trove: Bring single dollars to tip the entertainers.

Playing Jenga at the Florida Renaissance Festival

Giant Jenga, anyone? Photo by Ryan Roy.

The Rides & Games

When there is a giant Jenga set in front of you, you play! Especially when tipsy. The kids had a great time playing Jenga during our first visit to the Florida Renaissance Festival. The adults had a great time playing, too.

Without Kids, we kind of meandered around. With kids, there are a ton of  rides and games to try. Most take cash to participate in, and some of the rides have a height requirement.

For more information on how we spent our day at the Florida Renaissance Festival, visit here.

The Camps

In addition to seeing shows, playing games, and drinking beer – we found it interesting to visit the different camps. They were great places to hang out and chat, and to learn a little about different ways of living during the Renaissance days.

We are planning on coming back to the Florida Renaissance Festival with our daughters Girl Scout Troop. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can attend the Scout Program and learn about “… life in the Renaissance and what it was like to be a lowly peasant or a wealthy spice trader or merchant and will even explain how the life of the nobility wasn’t always easy!” and earn a badge.

Stopping to hang out at one of the camps at the Florida Renaissance Festival.

One of the camps at the Florida Renaissance Festival.


The Florida Renaissance Festival has food for purchase. From giant bags of popcorn, your typical fair style fare, turkey legs to Thai food and vegetarian options, there is something for everyone. Besides the marshmallows we caught in our mouths from the catapult booth, and the turkey leg my mostly vegetarian friend had his heart set on and then stomach turned by, we didn’t actually end up eating at the Festival this time around. You know…the kids were calling and it was time to leave!

The Florida Renaissance Festival is an excellent outing for the entire family. Whether you decide to go with friends or on a date or bring your children, I always recommend getting in the spirit and at least dressing up a little – every week has a different theme.

*Thanks so much to the Boza Agency. We received free admission to the Florida Renaissance Festival in exchange of a review. All opinions are my own.

A mermaid at the Florida Renaissance Festival.

Have you met a mermaid before? Photo by Ryan Roy.

What is your favorite thing about the Florida Renaissance Festival? I would love to add it to the list of activities to do there. Comment below!


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