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The LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat – A Fun Getaway That Will Have You Building Castles In The Sand

The LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat is the second and newest option in lodging in which LEGOLAND Florida offers for families. We at Hunting for Rubies have been fortunate to attend a hosted media stay at the Grand Opening of both the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel and the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. And all I can say is…”WOW!”

Okay, if you know me, you know I have a lot more than one word to say about most things. So, here is everything I learned and loved, great tips for choosing either the LEGOLAND Hotel or the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, and what we most enjoyed about LEGOLAND.

The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Tips for the newest hotel at LEGOLAND Florida.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

The LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat is located about 3/4 mile from the entrance of LEGOLAND Florida on beautiful Lake Dexter – giving the hotel a true beach vibe even when the beach is an hour away. The Beach Retreat consists of 83 one-story bungalows that are divided in two separate hotel rooms – making for a whopping 166 rooms. The bungalows are grouped in 13 different coves, that are named in beach themes like Hula Dancer’s Cove, Mermaid Cove, Fisherman’s Cove, and Shark Suit Guy’s Cove. Every cove has a grassy area with a play structure in the middle, one of my favorite parts.

One of the 13 playgrounds at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat in Winter Haven, Florida.

WINTER HAVEN, FL — February 8, 2017 — The new bungalows and playground LEGOLAND Beach Retreat at LEGOLAND Florida Resort. (PHOTO / LOCK + LAND, Chip Litherland for LEGOLAND Florida Resort)

The Rooms at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

The rooms at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat are 275 sq ft. and can accommodate a family of five with a King Size bed, twin bunk beds, and pull-out twin trundle-bed. Each room has an outside patio with table and chairs for four.  Pack ‘N’ Plays are available on request.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the focal point of the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Inside of the Lighthouse is Sandy’s Castle Restaurant, Palm Traders, Bricks Beach Bar, and a Sand Castle Lego Structure for kids to build on. Plus, the entrance to the pool.

The Beach at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat features a heated pool with their signature floating legos. Build while you swim, why not? There is a convenient window to Bricks Beach Bar to order signature cocktail, lunch, or a pizza. Play beach volleyball or build a sandcastle on the sandy beach. Or, climb, jump, and slide on the large playground towards the back of the pool area. The Beach Retreat also offers daily dance parties, fun interactive games, and ‘Master Builders” Competitions. Ruby loved building a replica of the Lighthouse with the other kids, as the parents socialized and watched on.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Tips and detail of the newest hotel at LEGOLAND Florida.

Where to Eat?

Breakfast and Dinner are served buffet-style in Sandy’s Castle Restaurant. Breakfast is included with the cost of your room. Which, I love. Dinner is optional for an additional price. If you are enjoying the entire day at the Beach Retreat, you can order lunch by the pool. There are quite a few food options within the LEGOLAND Park. Plus, nearby restaurants within the Winter Haven area.

I really enjoyed both breakfast and dinner at Sandy’s Castle Restaurant. For breakfast, I had coffee, fruit, an egg and peppers quesadilla, and biscuits and gravy. Hunter loved his french toast sticks and bacon. While Ruby chose cereal and milk. At dinner, the kids had mac ‘n’ cheese and corn dogs. And, I made a chicken and steak fajita salad. I felt the food was good quality, there was a wide variety, and it was quite tasty.

Perks of Staying at the Beach Retreat

When staying at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat you get Bonus Brick Time. What is this? The ability to enter the park 30 minutes earlier. You can take one of the complimentary shuttles over to the park, or take your own vehicle and park in the lot for “free’. Parking is included as part of your $20 resort fee. Breakfast is also included in the cost of your hotel stay, which for me, equals major savings.

What I Loved

One of the things I think the LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Beach Retreat does so well, is that they provide activities for kids in proximity for the parents to enjoy an adult beverage, while safely keeping an eye on their children.

Let me just get this out-of-the-way, the Pina Colada at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is probably the best I have ever had. The other signature drinks are creative and tasty, too. Fish in a Bag, anyone?

Bricks Beach Bar is located adjacent to the giant lego building castle. It is not easy to pull your children away from the opportunity to build, so, you might as well enjoy a drink.

The second thing that I loved about the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat is the outdoor patio. Sitting on the patio, I enjoyed a cup of coffee that I made in the room while Ruby, Hunter, and Logan had a blast on the little play structure. They were completely entertained and safe, while I had time to drink a HOT cup of coffee.

I really appreciate the indoor/outdoor aspect of the Beach Retreat. The LEGOLAND Hotel is great, but I think I prefer being able to walk  outside my front door to be on the  ground.

Each room as a set of in-room Lego Duplos to play with. This keeps the kids entertained while we are getting dressed or before bed.

Lastly, I really like the price-point of the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. It is less expensive than the LEGOLAND Hotel and on average cost $135 a night (plus tax and a $20 Resort Fee). Theme is important to me when staying at a Theme Park, so, to immerse yourself in the Land of LEGO, plus breakfast and parking, I am comfortable with the price.

The Differences Between the LEGOLAND HOTEL and the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

The LEGOLAND Hotel is adjacent to the LEGOLAND Florida Park. It is a 5 Story Hotel with different themed room – Lego® Friends, Kingdom, Adventurers, and Pirates. You can read about the “10 Ways the LEGOLAND Hotel is Built for Kids” here. 

But, some of the big features is that your child can sign up for a “Master Builders” class, which is exclusive to the LEGOLAND Hotel. Another activity that is only at the Hotel is a nightly Pajama Party and Character Meet-and-Greet. The Beach Retreat instead features the Beach Party.

The in-room Treasure Hunt is also only at the LEGOLAND Hotel.

Lastly, the lobby of the LEGOLAND Hotel is much bigger than the Lighthouse lobby at the Beach Retreat. There are more building opportunities in the Hotel’s lobby, but more outdoor activities at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat.

Overall, we have loved both the LEGOLAND Hotel and the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Either are great places to stay while going to LEGOLAND® FLORIDA.

What do you all think? Have you been to LEGOLAND? What’s your favorite things?


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