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Mount Airy’s Rails to Trail, A Perfect Hike for Little Ones in Maryland

hiking trails for kids in Maryland

Growing up down the street from Mount Airy, Maryland, we never spent much time there. Our main purpose was to bypass the town and jump on the highway to head to either Frederick or Baltimore or out of State. Now that I am older, many of my friends and family have moved to Mount Airy. When we are in town, we have had the pleasure to explore some of the Historic Downtown and surrounding parks for play dates and outings. It turns out, we love Mount Airy!

Rails to Trails with Kids

Hiking trail for kids in Maryland

Rails to Trails in Mt. Airy, Maryland. A perfect nature trail for young children.

A few years ago, on a blustery day in late Fall, we met my cousin for a play date at Watkins Park. Watkins Park is a fantastic little park off of Rt. 27. It sits on top of a hill and overlooks beautiful fields, forest, and farms. My cousin suggested we take a walk, where I was delighted to discover the Rails to Trail improvement that links Downtown Mount Airy to Watkins Park. The city made a walking/biking trail on the abandoned Baltimore & Ohio railroad line. The portion of the trail that we went on was mostly gravel and lined on both sides with trees and steep hills. The trail is low impact, so even your littlest one can toddle around the area.

Hiking trail for kids in Maryland

Exploring the old B&O railroad tracks on a late Fall afternoon.

Since we went on the Rails to Trail that connects Downtown to Watkins Park, they have opened up a new section. This new section expands west of Rt. 27. Eventually, the trail will be a total 4 miles long.

For me, this was a total hidden gem. I love anything historical, transportation, and nature related. It was a win-win day because we experienced it all. If you are in the area, I highly recommend grabbing something to eat in the adorable Downtown Mt. Airy and then hitting the trails.

Do you have a rail to trail initiative where you live? Tell me about it!

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