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Sprucies Glasses and Screen Cleaner for Families On-The-Go

Sprucies screen cleaners.
This is a sponsored post. We received product to try out for free, but all opinions are our own. 

Did you know that your smartphone is actually dirtier than a toilet seat? Then you put that phone up to your face! And this is when I graphically coin the term fecal face….umm, GROSS!

I will admit to it, I take my phone into the bathroom with me. I wash my hands after using the bathroom, but I don’t necessarily wash my phone too.

It’s not just about the bathroom though. On average our phones are dirtier than the bottom of our shoes.

And then I hand it over to my kids in desperate need of cooperation. That is “more than 11,000 germs per square inch”that live on my phone, according to this article in Boston Magazine.

Such a comforting thought, when we are out to diner and the food is taking longer than expected –  I allow my children to play a game or watch a show on my smartphone before the dinner arrives – and then never think twice about having them wash their hands again before we eat. Another – EWWW GROSS moment.

So what is the solution? Two young and brilliant female entrepreneurs, Jill and Jill have created a safe, made in the U.S.A., plant- based, and fragrance free disposable wipe called Sprucies to keep your tablets, computers, and smartphones clean. Their company is Spruce & Co, and their product, wonderful!

Sprucies screen cleaners.

Sprucies screen cleaners.

What I love about Sprucies:

  • After using the wipes on my smartphone, it felt as if my phone had just left the spa. I am not kidding. My phone didn’t just feel cleaner, but it felt smoother to the touch.
  • In terms of travel, Sprucies are individually wrapped, so you can throw them in your purse and use them as needed. When we travel, I use my smartphone camera a lot, and sometimes the lens gets a bit cloudy. Pull out a Sprucies and we are back in business to capturing all those memories travel is meant to make.
  • Hunter just got his first pair of glasses and as he is adjusting to his new set of eyes, they are constantly getting sticky with smudges. Sprucies are safe for glasses and clean them really well.
Use Sprucies to clean glasses.

Use Sprucies to clean glasses.

Thanks Spruce & Co for sharing Sprucies with us and our readers, and making sure we no longer have the dreaded fecal face, because that is just gross!

Discosure: The author received free product for review, but the opinion is her own. 

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