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Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Why This Park Is Quickly Becoming One of My Favorites, Again! (On #ModernBocaMom)

When I was a young teen girl, and Hollywood Studios was still MGM, it was my favorite park at Disney World. I know, weird, right? It wasn’t the most exciting park, although The Tower of Terror will surely knock your socks off. But, there was something about the glamour and nostalgia of Old Hollywood, the magic of filmmaking, and the homage of a time when my grandparents were still youthful that appealed so much to me. The old black & white movies, 1920-40s fashions, and the fantasy of Sunset Blvd during the Classic Hollywood era are the reasons why I moved to Hollywood after college to work in the Movies. Hollywood Studios made that tangible to me before heading out West, even if it is constructed of the same material as the New York City Streets on any Back Lot at the studios.

On the red carpet at Mann's Chinese Theatre  for the Star Trek premiere, 2009.

On the red carpet at Mann’s Chinese Theatre for the Star Trek premiere, 2009.

There is something that happens when you work in the movie industry though. After a while, the sparkle goes away. You can’t help but think about the process, the behind the scenes, and the reality of the illusion, rather than get captured up in the bright lights and shimmer that makes the Magic. And, Disney is all about the Magic!

I guess you can say that I came home from California a bit jaded.

And even years after leaving Hollywood, the dimmer was still on in those first few trips back to now, Hollywood Studios. It went from being my favorite of all the parks to my least favorite at Disney World. I didn’t that way about the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or Animal Kingdom. It was only Hollywood Studios that I found boring. This was probably because we weren’t watching a ton of Disney Junior quite yet, and Sophia The First had just premiered (truth be told, I probably like Sophia as much as my daughter). The Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Roll Rollercoaster were too old for my infant and toddler. American Idol was not a draw for me. The kids didn’t have the attention span for MuppetVision. There just didn’t seem to be a lot of age appropriate activities or interests for us to explore. And, walking down Sunset Blvd. or being on the backlot wasn’t exciting for me in the least, when the real thing was my reality every day for years.

Now, you might be inclined (or not) to say “Let It Go”, and I am happy to report that I have!

I am singing a different tune (just not the one above)! My kids are a bit older (2 and 3) and its been many years since I lived in Los Angeles, and I might even go as far as to say I am nostalgic for the City of Angels from time to time. So, my eyes are opening up to the amount of sites that there are to see, for all ages, at Hollywood Studio.


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