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Family Driving 101 – Guide to In The Car & On The Road

Car packed for family road trip .

We are a Road Trip Family.

There is something about being on the road that just soothes my soul. Maybe that is why I drove across country 3 times in one summer? Or spent 3 weeks on the road with my husband, toddler, and preschooler last summer…and had the best time ever!

And, it is the same reason we are doing it again this summer. But, this time, its only me and our two kids, and for almost an entire month. We are visiting family and friends in some of our favorite cities and towns, but we are also making stops at brand new places along the way.

If being in a car with your spouse, kids and all your stuff makes you want to…well, not go anywhere, than I encourage you to get my Family Travel Essentials Guide!  I have written out the road trip strategy my family uses with tips and tricks on what to bring, when to drive, how often to stop – plus everything you also need to know about airplane travel with kids – to make sure a successful, safe, and sane trip with your family.

Get Your Family Travel Essentials Guide, Here!

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