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3 New England Destinations You Should Visit On A Fall Road Trip

Acadia National Park

In 2009, I moved from Southern California to New England. My eyes were set on New York City, but after spending the Summer driving around the country, the idea of moving to a big city again didn’t feel right. It also didn’t help that I found myself re-connecting with an old boyfriend  (who would eventually become my husband) on a road...

Daytrippin’ to the Florida Keys

Bahia Honda State Park

Sometimes you need to get away to clear your mind, push reset on the life button, and energize all the levels up to full. A major vacation might be in-store, but sometimes a day trip or “daycation” (a term I just learned about on wikipedia), could do the trick. I was feeling it. We all needed to get away. Vitamin D was on the menu and...