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The Florida Renaissance Festival – With and Without Kids

Florida Renaissance Festival

Two years ago I popped my Ren-Fest cherry. Okay, that is a “wildly inappropriate” thing to say, considering I took my small children with me. While I found the Florida Renaissance Festival completely family friendly and we all had an absolute fantastic time, I was eager to return with my only my husband and some close friends to join...

3 New England Destinations You Should Visit On A Fall Road Trip

Acadia National Park

In 2009, I moved from Southern California to New England. My eyes were set on New York City, but after spending the Summer driving around the country, the idea of moving to a big city again didn’t feel right. It also didn’t help that I found myself re-connecting with an old boyfriend  (who would eventually become my husband) on a road...

A Weekend Trip to New Orleans & French Quarter Festival

Preservation Hall New Orlean, French Quarter Festival. A great weekend trip to New Orleans.

Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, any day on Bourbon Street, and you know New Orleans is hopping. I would love to experience Jazz Fest, but I feel like I have missed the boat on Mardi Gras. Maybe I am wrong? But, it doesn’t have the appeal to me that it once did, especially now that I have kids. But, I would return for any weekend trip to New Orleans...