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The Florida Renaissance Festival – With and Without Kids

Florida Renaissance Festival

Two years ago I popped my Ren-Fest cherry. Okay, that is a “wildly inappropriate” thing to say, considering I took my small children with me. While I found the Florida Renaissance Festival completely family friendly and we all had an absolute fantastic time, I was eager to return with my only my husband and some close friends to join...

Happy New Year – A Year In Review and What is Up Ahead

Happy New Years, Everyone! I hope that 2015 was a wonderful year for you, and that you are looking forward to a great year to come. I originally started this blog with hopes to help and inspire my fellow parents to travel with their children. It was also my own inspiration to get out and explore with my own children, even when that felt like a...

Being Robbed In My Own Neighborhood: How This Could Have Been Avoided

Safety tips for parents.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I met for a playdate with our three children at a local park. As we were pushing our two boys on the swings, my daughter was feet away playing with her My Lil’ Pony toy on a bench. We saw it coming, but didn’t act. Two guys in their late teens to early adulthood, reached over atop my daughter and stole my...