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Being Robbed In My Own Neighborhood: How This Could Have Been Avoided

Safety tips for parents.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I met for a playdate with our three children at a local park. As we were pushing our two boys on the swings, my daughter was feet away playing with her My Lil’ Pony toy on a bench. We saw it coming, but didn’t act. Two guys in their late teens to early adulthood, reached over atop my daughter and stole my...

Family Road Trip: 24 Hour in Downtown St. Augustine, Florida

Pirate & Treasure Museum in St. Augustine, Florida.

In all my years of driving up and down 95, we have never stopped in St. Augustine, Florida. Honestly, it is a travesty. The Oldest City in the United States is a mere 30 minute detour from the highway and the perfect stop for an overnight stay or to pop in for lunch or dinner when traveling North or South. It is certainly a destination on its own...