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Being Robbed In My Own Neighborhood: How This Could Have Been Avoided

Safety tips for parents.
A few weeks ago, a friend and I met for a playdate with our three children at a local park. As we were pushing our two boys on the swings, my daughter was feet away playing with her My Lil’ Pony toy on a bench. We saw it coming, but didn’t act. Two guys in their late teens to early adulthood, reached over atop my daughter and stole my friend’s purse. Luckily for us, no one was injured and the “purse” that was stolen was no more than a snack bag, and her valuables were left behind. 
The park that we were at  is next to an Elementary School. When I called the police to report the incident, the school was put on lockdown per County protocol. Parents on a local forum expressed concern about what had happened that day. Why were the elementary school children pulled from the playground and rushed back to their classrooms? Some parents got the story straight from the police officer stationed at the school. Others had heard rumors that were a bit far-fetched. And others, they were upset by the delay in hearing about the incident hours after it had happened. 
As the day went on, it got me thinking that my own young children, three and four years old, know little about what do to in an emergency. What if I was to pass out? What if they get lost in a store or at  a museum? And for me, am I doing everything I can to keep my children and myself safe? Where is the best place to park at the store? How should I react if I am feeling like someone is following me? What do I do if my gut is telling me that there is danger?
There are so many incidences that happen and so many questions about safety that need to be answered. So, with that need, I am co-hosting a Safety Forum with Newsy Parents and Crime Prevention Specialist, Officer Michael Zombek from the Coconut Creek Police Department on Friday, November 20th at 6:30pm for Your Safety Matters: Tips for Parents & Children. This free forum is open to South Florida parents to learn about safety awareness that we can bring back to our families. I hope you can join us.
I also travel with my kids a lot. And sometimes it is alone. Am I doing all that I can to create confidence and empowerment for my entire family in the face of an emergency? As a caregiver of multiple children, am I avoiding dangerous situations myself?
For us adults, should we have left out belongings on a park bench semi-unattended? Not at all. Should I have gone over to our bags and my daughter on first thought the guys looked suspicious? YES! Should I have chased after the perpetrator to see where they were going? Absolutely not. Did I do the correct thing by calling the police right away and letting them handle it? Of course.
Safety tips for parents and children.
This was a minor innocent that created a lot of questions and concerns from a trusting mom. I want to do the right thing by being informed and getting the word out about Safety Awareness. Join Hunting for Rubies, Newsy Parents, and Coconut Creek Crime Prevention Specialist, Officer Michael Zombek for:

Your Safety Matters: Tips for Parents & Children

When: Friday, November 20th at 6:30p.m.
Where: The Cypress Room @ North Recreational Complex.
4455 Sol Press Blvd. Coconut Creek, Fl 33073
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  • Wow. You just brought up a very important topic. I often fear the worse whenever I go anywhere and like to be aware of my surroundings. But I’ve never told my toddler about how he should react in given situations. Sad to see I missed this event. Please let me know if any upcoming ones.

    • That was exactly my thought and why we put the class together. We will certainly be having more after the holidays. It was super informative.

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